Leader in Me Student Projects

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Students in grades 5th through 8th participated in Leader In Me Projects focusing on the 8th Leadership Habits they have been learning throughout the year.

#1 Be Proactive

#2 Begin With the End in Mind

#3 Put 1st things 1st 

#4 Think Win-Win

#5 Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

#6 Synergize

#7 Sharpen the Saw

#8 Inspire Others

They created their own based on the habit they chose. The only stipulation was that they did not do a poster board.  We wanted to see creativity.  They were allowed to do digital as well. Winners had designed clothing, comic strips, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, dioramas, games etc.

These winners pictured above had the top projects amongst students and were celebrated at a catered lunch.  Students had to come up with creative ways of showing their habits to win top marks on their products to earn a spot at the lunch.

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