Annual Student Art Show

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South Phoenix campus students were invited to participate in this year’s Student Art Show Exhibit in downtown Phoenix this month. Here are the concept explanations from Matthew Sabol, the campus Art and Design Teacher as well as the pieces below… I had a nerd store donate the miniatures and my afterschool art club had two lessons on basic miniature painting. While many of the results were amazing Sophia was the only one that wanted to exhibit. The Neurographic black and white is an exercise in losing one’s stress and thoughts into a semi-mindless draw an intersecting line or lines and fill in the blanks with something different in each negative space.  Makayla chose to do hers in black and white while most of the other students opted for color there were many strong pieces in the classes 7-12th. The Puzzles… I had the idea that an easy to find low-cost flat material could be transformed into a 3d sculptured art. I was thinking about how I used to draw images out of clouds on road trips when I was young.  The resulting sculpture was turned and manipulated to create a shadow on the wall which we had black construction paper traced to represent an interesting angle and the resulting shadow was then traced again on White paper and a drawing was coaxed out of the shapes it presented. This was then fully developed in color pencil. Another project that had great success and Miguel and Gadiel produced some amazing interpretations.

Makayla Alvarado 9th grade. Neurographic drawing Ink and paper

Makayla Alvarado’s “Neurodivergent”

Sophia Robles 6th grade.Miniature flower monster (painted 3″ model)

Sophia Robles’ “Red Flower Monster”

Gadiel Trejo Martin 8th grade “Puzzle Goblin” Three piece sculpture, Shadow and Drawing

Gadiel Trejo Martin’s “Puzzle Goblin”
Gadiel Trejo Martin’s Puzzle

Miguel Elijah DeAla 9th grade “Puzzle Zombie” Three piece sculpture, Shadow and Drawing

Miguel Elijah DeAla’s Puzzle
Miguel Elijah DeAla’s “Puzzle Zombie”

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